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Coach Jille

Jille Bartolome, is a Master Certified Coach, Author, and Speaker whose clients experience breakthroughs in living a life fully connected to their own wisdom.  Jille is an expert in guiding her clients to ever higher levels of leadership, achievement and happiness.  She has led workshops with thousands of clients from direct sales organizations, large corporations, small businesses, non-profits and personal growth communities since 1996.

Her clients and workshop participants value her humorous and holistic approach to communicating and her ability to inspire the right actions for each individual.

Jille blends the wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit connection with practical tools for a confident supportive approach.

Jille has been called “The Velvet Hammer” by her colleagues and clients because of her soft, unassuming presence and her ability to hit the nail on the head with her edgy, confident questions that propel her clients forward.

Jille’s Strength as a coach and a speaker is in her own inner wisdom and her ability to guide others to tap into theirs.  Jille is thoughtful and authentic with a great sense of humor. She cares for her clients at a very deep level and provides support and inspiration through her wisdom and intuitive abilities.

After working with her private coaching clients for thousands of hours, Jille has discovered that while successful people definitely have many things in common, what is more important, is that each person has certain gifts and understanding about themselves at a deep level and that when these gifts or strengths are applied with confidence and belief, there is no limit on the peace, prosperity and quality of life that one can create.

“My mission is to guide others to listen to the wisdom that is with them and to then go boldly and confidently towards their dreams.”

Jille has co-authored several books including A Guide to Getting It, Branding and Marketing Mastery and A Guide to Getting It, Vibrant and Lasting Relationships alongside other top Business and Relationship coaches.  

Jille is a devoted wife and mother who lives and works in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Her children Jolie (17) and Ethan (22) are the motivation for her desire to guide people to live positive and purposeful lives. Her Husband Rudy plays a vital role in her life and in her business as her web guy, her audio producer and the wind beneath her wings.

Life has not always been kind to the Bartolome Family. You can read about their experience with losing their home and community during Hurricane Katrina and their amazing ongoing story of recovery by visiting their blog at

Before becoming a Coach, Jille was the owner and founder of an Executive and High-Tech Placement Firm. Her experience also includes Career Advising and High Level Corporate management. It seemed only natural for Jille to combine these experiences and skills with her gift in guiding others to help themselves so in 1997 she began her coaching practice. Since then, people all over The United States have benefited from her "I coach, you win" approach.

Jille has earned a solid reputation as strategic coaching partner.


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