Mentor Coaching Services

One-on-One on-going Mentor Coaching with Jille                                  

3 sessions per month

$525.00 per month with a 6-month commitment

$575.00 month to month


Core Competency recorded client session reviews:

$175.00 per recorded session with a 6-month commitment

$225.00 per recorded session with month-to-month

You may add an additional session for $175.00 per session at any time.  

If you break your 6-month commitment, a $50.00 per month cancellation fee for each month you have been coaching at the 6-month commitment fee will be billed to your card or you will be invoiced for the cancellation fee. There is no refund for programs that are paid in full.

The ICF Requires that the minimum of 10 hours of Mentor Coaching be Completed over the course of 3 months minimum. 

 Mentor Coaching Package


Advanced Package

10 Hours of one-on-one Mentor Coaching

2 recorded client session review

1 letter stating the level of skill found in the reviews

$2225.00 paid in full in one single payment

$1165.00 paid in full in two monthly payments

$775.00 paid in full in three monthly payments

-All Ten hours and session review must be complete in a 5 month time period beginning the month of the first session.

 Group Mentor Coaching Package

                 Please see my CoachPath Core Competency Group Coaching Above.                   






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