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March 2016

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Hello and welcome to the Guide Post.

So, I am hosting a Telesummit at the end of March. I will email registration details to you in a few days.  I am prerecording the interviews and working on all of that as I write this newsletter. I am just really amazed at how much work it is and how much fun I am having in the DOING-NESS of this work. There is one problem that I am experiencing in the process of interviewing these amazing experts. Through no fault of their own, I am totally intimidated by some of the people I am interviewing. Yep, it’s true. I must admit that talking casually with people that I idolize is not as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, I grew up in New Orleans and worked in hotels as a concierge for years. I have met and worked with countless celebrities and even have pictures with some VERY famous household name type folks. I can handle interviewing people for a Telesummit right? Not so much. I am in awe of these people for a one specific reason. These are some of the people who I have learned and grown from throughout my career as a coach. They taught me to be my best self, my highest self, to be me. They were writing books about the path of development when I didn’t even know there was a path of development.

This got me thinking about this question: What do I need to learn or learn about myself in order to feel at ease with… well… anyone? In my observation about who I am being, I decided that the Path of Development is a long journey. The Path may seem as if it has a beginning, middle and an end. But when we get to the end of the path that we are on, we can see that there is yet another path in front of us with its own beginning, middle and end. People come to the path in their own time, at their own pace walking on it with their own rhythm. Comparing ourselves to people who have arrived ahead of us and who are reaching back to help us catch up is just an excuse to stop walking and sit down and watch. Yes, some of these people have been coaching longer than me, some of them have been on the Oprah show, some of them have had New York Times best sellers and others are creating success on the leading edge of awareness. What I learned here is that they have their own path and I have mine. Where are you on the Path and who are you intimidated by? Would you be willing to let that go, get up and start walking? What do you need to do to walk proudly on YOUR path?

I hope you will join me in listening to these experts who are reaching back to guide us towards ever higher points on the path. If you do join us you may even hear the nervousness in my voice and my vulnerability in the moment. Sometimes, I totally feel like a deer in the headlights and yet, the recordings are getting made. I am moving forward on my path.

What do you need to do to move forward on your path?

With Love


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Upcoming Events

  • ICF Gulf Coast Chapter Annual Meeting – Speaker, New Orleans, LA March 10th and 11th, 2016. I am excited about speaking to such a great group! Join us to receive 6 hours of CCE’s for Certification Renewals.
  • The First Annual Extraordinary Coaches Telesummit – Hosting, March 31st, April 1st, April 2nd, 2016 SAVE THE DATES!!! We have put a Facebook page together for this at the link above and will have the registration page open soon. EXCITING!!
  • CoachPath Core Competency Group begins April 13th at 3 p.m. eastern. This group is for coaches who are serious about taking their skills to the intermediate and advanced levels. While it counts as 7 hours of mentor coaching or 10 hours of Core Competency CCE’s for Certification Renewals it will be a deep rich group discussion that being a coach requires.
  • Get Clients Now Group begins April 14th at 10 a.m. eastern
  • CoachPath Personal Development Group begins June 8th at 1 p.m. eastern The most important thing you can do for yourself and your business is to keep growing. This group is a deep dive into the “who” of you. Growing and expanding personally is a requirement for a successful coach. Give yourself the gift of deeper personal awareness and aligned choice.

Coaching Industry News

ICF Makes Getting your ACC more accessible than ever before.

ACC Requirements

The ICF has eliminated, for the most part, the need to have your session recordings reviewed unless you are going for your PCC. There are still different pathways to getting your ACC but basically they all require 60 hours of coach specific training, 100 coaching hours once you begin the coach specific training with at least 75 of those hours being paid hours, 8 different clients, and take the CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment). If you are going the portfolio route, you do need to submit a recorded session and transcripts. SO much less hoop jumping to be an associate coach. For more specific information, click here.


Dana Maher, PCC. Some of you already know this wonderful person but just in case you don’t let me introduce you. Dana started coaching about 4 years ago and during that time, she has gotten her PCC, became a fellow faculty member at ADDCA and has made a huge positive ripple effect throughout the coaching community. More importantly, I am grateful that Dana has become my friend. In the coming months, you will also notice that Dana and I are partnering up to do some cool stuff together here at the CoachPath site. She will be leading and co-leading some of our classes, doing some mentor coaching and working behind the scenes to make CoachPath an even more bright contribution to our coaching community. She is kind of amazing and I am a lucky recipient of her partnership, love and friendship. Thank You Dana.



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